Tour Our Amazing Custom Designed Gardens

Built in 1826, College Hill House is situated in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Co. Meath. The College Hill House Gardens are spread over 4 acres and were specially designed by our own professional garden designer. This has allowed us to offer garden tours where people who love beautiful grounds can see many different styles of gardens all located in the same area. Whatever your tastes you will be sure to find some part of our gardens that will make you say – “I wish this was mine!”.  From our professionally designed miniature lake to our winding pathways we are sure that there will be something you will love with many opportunities for a great photographic shot.

College Hill House has offered garden tours for several years now. Between our beautiful gardens and the ability to supply afternoon teas, we have become a must-visit stop for many tour groups visiting Meath, Dublin, Cavan, and Louth.

Contact Us to Discuss Potential Garden Tour Dates

Garden Design is a subsidiary company of College Hill House so you can arrange a booking through us directly, or if you prefer you can find the College Hill House contact form here

Whichever way you choose to book, we can guarantee that the gardens at College Hill House are ones you definitely should not miss!