Learn To Garden Properly

College Hill House ‘Garden Design’ as well as being responsible for some of the best garden designs in Meath, we also hold gardening classes. Gardening while it is something that everyone can try, it is often better to understand the best way to accomplish the desired end result.

This is a very practical course and you will be given step by step instructions on such things as low maintenance planting, seasonal colours, planting seeds and bulbs for each season.

You will also be learning about propagation, how to make your own compost, the best way to grow organic herbs and vegetables, and how to look after your lawn. We will show you the best way to dig a flowerbed, how to aerate your soil, how to test your soil and make changes to get it correct for the plants you wish to grow.

We show you how to design and build a vegetable garden and the correct depth to sow the vegetables at. We will show you the different style of flower pots and window boxes and what might work best with each.  

Our gardening classes will teach you these basics.  The list of gardening skills you will be given from our classes goes on and on. Once completed there will be no reason you can’t achieve the desired result in your own little piece of heaven. Whether it is to be able to grow your own home grown food or the simple beautification of your garden, you should be able to do it all.

Looking for Gardening Inspiration?

Want to get some great ideas about how to best use your newfound gardening expertise from our excellent gardening classes?

Why not join one of our garden tours!

You will get loads of great ideas and have an enjoyable walk around the varied College Hill House gardens.

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