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Coping With Covid

Since March 2019 everyone has had to cope with Covid and all the changes it has made to our lives. Here at Garden Design, College Hill House, it is no different. Like many, we have been doing what we can to prepare for after Covid. College Hill House has long been one of Meath’s best-known country houses and B&B. We would like to keep it that way for many more years. We have been making many changes to the gardens so that they will have new and improved features for our garden tours. As the designing and development of these new designs were always one of our loves, Eileen has gotten her qualification and is now a professional garden designer.


Inside the house, everything has been cleaned and polished to within an inch of its life in the hope that this Summer, things may return (at least partially) to normal. Our regulars may notice that we have a new website. In fact, we now have two! We have one promoting the B&B business (this one), and the other website deals with the garden tours, the garden classes, and our budding garden design business.

Here’s hoping that we will see you once covid has passed and you have gotten through it safe and well.

All our best.

College Hill House.

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